The best specialized credit buyout organization

You are looking for a credit repurchase organization. You need to buy back credit for retirees or assets, but above all you are spoiled for choice. There are many such credit organizations with tempting proposals. But how to choose well?

Call on a credit repurchase broker: Across Lender

Call on a credit repurchase broker: Across Lender

Indeed, we are specialized in repurchase of credit. We study together your debt ratio, all of your consumer credits, your personal loans, your other charges and your income. We establish with you a simulation of credit repurchase under the best conditions. In all transparency, we will tell you the details of your credit buy-back request.
Our rigor acquired with experience and our professionalism lead us to always offer you the ideal credit combination, that is to say the one for which you will not be disappointed. Like any self-respecting credit institution, we apply all laws and regulations in this area.

How to buy back credit?

How to buy back credit?

To properly prepare for a loan repurchase, you need to list all your credits, your consumer credits, your online credits and your perennial income. Then, you establish a monthly budget for your different fixed costs (food, electricity, water, insurance, transport costs, leisure …). Finally, from your monthly income, you remove your monthly fixed charges, you get the maximum monthly payment for your buy-back. In the loan application, we will take into account this maximum monthly payment, insurance included. We take care of everything else for you.

Conditions for the repurchase of credit

Conditions for the repurchase of credit

As in any credit simulation, we take the figures that you indicate to us first. Then we “peel” the documents you provide to us. It often happens to find another credit, not indicated at the start or to calculate a lower income than that indicated at first. It is obvious that it is in your interest to play cards on the table from the start. You save time and so do we.

The best credit repurchase organization is the one that offers you the best fixed rate solution, the most suitable for your situation, the least expensive for you and especially at lower cost. We work this way at Fine Bank and more quickly.


Use the credit buyback simulator at bank

To redeem a loan for a civil servant or employee or retiree, you will need to know the different monthly payment possibilities, the maximum loan durations and the cash you can add to your redemption. This is why a credit buyback simulator is useful for this research. See for a summary

From credit simulation to loan repurchase

From credit simulation to loan repurchase

When you prepare your credit consolidation, once all your consumer credits, personal loans, and online credits have been listed; with the credit redemption simulator, you get the new monthly loan redemption and the APR of the credit.

But now, the simulator does not ask you if you have had direct debits on the last 3 months of statements of your accounts, nor with which credit organization you are in arrears. The loan simulation gives you indications on the repurchase of possible consumer credit but no real answer.

The interest of an online credit buy-back simulation

The interest of an online credit buy-back simulation

It is fast and quickly gives indications of feasibility. By contacting Binary Lender in addition, we ask you the right questions because we know the acceptance criteria for specialized banks. We can then validate your credit repurchase online with the documents necessary to obtain the loan offer.
t is useful for this research.

The cost of buying back credit

The cost of buying back credit

During a simulation of consumer credit buy-back, it is rare that the costs inherent in credit consolidation are detailed. Indeed, some speak of the amount of funding and others of the amount of need, but where are the costs?

There are bank administration fees (non-negotiable) and brokerage fees that we are, which are both added to your credit repurchase. You, therefore, borrow the amount necessary to settle all of your consumer credit outstanding and the handling and brokerage fees are added to this amount.
You will not have to pay anything outside of these fees already included in the financing.

It is preferable to contact a credit repurchase specialist, Fine Bank, directly to obtain a more reliable credit repurchase simulation.


How to Calculate a Credit Rate?


Many people have already had the opportunity to avail bank loans nowadays. If you too want to try it, know that there are several things that you will absolutely have to know. Among these, there is first the credit rate which must be well calculated to maximize the chances of avoiding trouble later.

How to define the credit rate?

How to define the credit rate?

The credit rate is known as the credit interest you will charge. It will be used by a banking establishment to calculate the monthly payments and the duration in months necessary to allow you to repay the money that you are going to borrow. Note that the interest rate is essential whether for a mortgage or consumer loan or even a professional loan.

In short, the rate of credit is like a remuneration for the bank and like a rent for the borrower.

How to calculate the credit rate?

How to calculate the credit rate?

Admittedly, this is generally calculated by the creditor. However, this will not prevent you from doing it by yourself if you wish. To know the periodic interest rate for example, you will only have to divide the annual rate with the number of installments per year. The periodic rate for its part will facilitate the calculation by your creditor of the interest for each due date. Indeed, he will only have to multiply this rate with the remaining capital in order to know the interest which you will have to pay for a maturity.

How about the real estate credit rate?

How about the real estate credit rate?

The sums necessary to be able to invest in real estate make it one of the sectors most appreciated by borrowers. That being said, to be able to obtain a home loan you will have to give a certain amount of information to the establishment that you have chosen. Thus, you will have to specify the price of the property in which you want to invest but also your personal contribution and many other things. Know that the bank will respond to your request by analyzing the information you have provided. Add to that, you should also understand that the shorter your repayment tenure, the lower your credit rate despite the amount of money you should pay each month.

Does Credit Rate Rhyme With Your Taxes

Does Credit Rate Rhyme With Your Taxes

The credit rate can be reduced thanks to your taxes depending on how your bank operates. For this, your creditor will take into account your property income to lower your investment.

Since January 2011 the State has ended by removing the option allowing you to deduct your loan interest from your taxation.

In short, borrowing money from a banking institution will allow you to get a certain amount of money with ease. But for that, it will always be better to understand how the credit rate works and why until learning how to calculate a credit rate so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

Fixed and low rate credit → possible or utopian?


Often when we start to document for the first time on the terms of obtaining a mortgage, we quickly realize that a variable rate is significantly lower than a fixed rate which would tend to push us towards this solution , but which, as its name suggests, can also reserve the news of an increase that we will not welcome.

Yes, but the fixed rate is always higher and generally quite marked. So what to do? Is it not possible to benefit from a credit at a fixed rate and low at the same time? This is what we will see in a little more detail in the following lines.

  • Fixed and low rates, what you should not dream about
  • Fixed and low rate credit: tips for getting one

What you should not delude yourself about your fixed rate credit?

What you should not delude yourself about your fixed rate credit

That one seeks to obtain a credit at the best rate, it is quite legitimate and that justifies many steps or the recourse to a broker in real estate credit why not. That being said, one should not dream either and there are things on which the miracle cannot take place. For example, you can never get a fixed rate lower than a variable rate from a given bank.

You will also not be able to get a fixed rate in one bank lower than a variable rate in another. Or if you could, but if so, it is so unlikely that there will most likely be a wolf. Even when certain banks practice an aggressive policy on the rates of their mortgages to be able to recover new customers, they cannot in most of the cases align their fixed rates (on the same amount, of course) with the variable rates of competitors who are less in need of customers at that time.

Even by calling on a very good mortgage broker, who will have to pay for it goes without saying, the operation seems unlikely. However, there are a few little tips that we want to tackle on loan credit and which we will reveal below.

Tips for getting a low and fixed rate loan

Tips for getting a low and fixed rate loan

The first tip is to wait for the right time. Indeed, as you may know, the real estate market and the credits that accompany it is a market that is fluctuating and to succeed in obtaining a correct rate, whether it is a loan to fixed rate or variable rate credit. Obviously, it is easier to say when we decide to make a mortgage for rental investment than to buy the property that will be your main residence, but it happens that even in this specific case you are not necessarily in a hurry, like a first-time buyer who lives with his parents while waiting for the right moment, for example.

The first tip will therefore be to wait for the moment when the rates are at their lowest and when all the banks offer attractive rates.

Then, it is necessary to take again the concept which we evoked above. The different banks practice different rates according to their customer needs and the mortgage is one of the main levers to encourage customers of a bank to leave it to steal it from their competitors.

This strategy of capturing customers is one of the elements that are found in the rates charged, whether fixed rate loans or variable rate loans. The idea is therefore to find which bank has the most need to get new customers based on the rates charged on mortgage loans. For this, a quick tour of the websites of the various banks will give you an overview.

If your current bank practices advantageous rates, it is because it seeks to recruit new customers and therefore also in parallel not to lose them. This puts you in a strong position to negotiate with them because they will not let you go.

Going to see your banker to ask him for a loan at a fixed and low rate by having previously recovered simulations carried out with two other banks which are also in great need of new customers will have a good chance of achieving a satisfactory result.

If your current bank does not have attractive interest rates, they will not necessarily be willing to work hard to keep you. Ask them for a simulation anyway, out of curiosity, it doesn’t ask you anything and you could sometimes have a good surprise.

If not, make a simulation with one or two banks which practice attractive rates and go to see another which also proposes attractive rates of loan by saying that you had an interesting proposal, but that you are well with your bank, where you have your habits and it would take a little more to push you to change them.

By doing this, you could get a little extra gesture, applicable on both types of loan, variable or fixed and which could therefore allow you to sign a loan at fixed and low rates.

Statement loans or loans with a guarantor – what to choose?

The offer of non-bank loans is addressed to a wide range of recipients, both people with high creditworthiness and people with lower ability. The most offers for this type of loan can be found on the Internet.

Traditional payday loans are loans based on a statement, so they do not require an income certificate. There are also loans with additional collateral. Which is more profitable: loans without a guarantor or loans with a guarantor?

Quick cash with a loan based on the statement

Quick cash with a loan based on the statement

Everyone who earns enough income to take out a loan and has not had problems with payment in the past should choose a loan with a statement. These loans should be tailored to the borrower’s ability so that he has no problems repaying them. Important in verifying the applicant for a loan is:

  • the correctness of the data in the application,
  • statement on the financial position, including income earned,
  • timely repayment of other liabilities.

Non – bank statement loans allow you to receive cash quickly. The decisive factor here is that you do not need to attach a certificate of income to your loan application. The borrower’s declaration is the basis for any possible liability, therefore it is important to present the situation in accordance with the facts.

Fraud, even if it is not seen at the stage of granting the loan, can see the light at the time of late payment. It is better to report financial problems to the lender and request an extension of the repayment deadline. This will reduce the risk of major problems, although an additional fee may be charged for extending the deadline.

Non-bank loans with a guarantor

Non-bank loans with a guarantor

In the case of poor creditworthiness assessment, one should take into account the refusal to grant a loan or a loan in a lower amount than the one applied for. Low credit standing does not disqualify you from receiving a loan. In fact, the loan company is at greater risk, which is why additional security is required from the borrower.

It does not always have to be of some value. Not everyone has the right to ownership of the inhabited property. In addition to loans against real estate, which, however, carry the risk of losing a roof over your head, there is a loan with a guarantor.

From a loan institution’s point of view, an additional person in the loan agreement reduces the risk of borrowing money. Importantly, anyone who:

  • will be 18 years old,
  • has adequate creditworthiness (must have sufficient income),
  • has the ability to perform legal acts.

It does not have to be a person related to the borrower. In the event of the financial problems of the borrower, the resident assumes the obligation to repay the loan.

First loan for free as a promotional item for lenders

In the offers of Polish loan institutions, solutions such as the first loan for free can be found more and more often. Often customers, especially those who have not used the services of the non-banking sector before, approach such solutions with great distrust. After all, even with regard to banks, such a thing as free credit is not only absent but seems completely unreal.

However, it is worth being aware that loan institutions operate according to a different business model than banks. What’s more, the turnover and profits of companies in this sector are growing every year, which allows loan institutions to offer their clients solutions that, for example, banking institutions simply could not afford for purely economic reasons.

First loan for free as a promotional item for lenders

First loan for free as a promotional item for lenders

First of all, it should be clearly stated that solutions such as free payday pay are always part of the promotional offer of loan institutions and not part of the basic offer. What does this fact mean from the customer’s perspective? As is well known, each promotion has certain regulations, which specify, among others, the conditions of using the promotion. Obviously, this also applies to free loans offered by loan institutions.

When we use an option such as the first free loan, we always take part in the promotion. This means that if you violate the terms of this promotion, the promotional terms may cease to apply. There are quite a few entries on the Internet of people who took advantage of the option to take out their first loan at the APRC of 0%, then they did not repay the liability on time and are very surprised that the loan institution demanded repayment of the loan not on promotional terms but according to standard cost table.

Let us explain, therefore, that the regulations of such solutions as the first loan for free always contain information that the condition for taking advantage of the promotion is timely repayment of the loan. Otherwise, the promotional terms automatically cease to apply.

Is the first free loan really free?


This is another important issue that interests many customers. The answer to the above question is yes. A loan with an APRC of 0% means that the customer repays only the amount equal to the amount of the loan (unless, of course, he does not violate the terms and conditions of the promotion, for example by not repaying on time). At the same time, it is worth noting that the above rule applies only to entities that have the status of loan institutions.

In this case, can the customer also assume that the loan will not contain any additional hidden costs? Unfortunately, parabanks do not operate in the same way as loan institutions and do not actually have to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act. This means that borrowing in a parabank always carries a lot of risks, whether it’s a free loan or any other loan service.

2.5% mortgage loan repurchase: is it possible?

Speculation is rife on the web regarding offers to buy credit at low rates but can we really benefit from a credit buy at such a low rate? Here is the answer.

Real estate rates: record levels

Real estate rates: record levels

Real estate rates have never been so low, enough to wake up the real estate projects of households and reduce the monthly payments of owners already in place. Simply put, it is estimated that a household that lives in the north and wants to borrow over 15 years can obtain a rate of 2.5%. A very attractive proposition for households but only solid profiles will get this offer. That is to say households with long-term and significant incomes, the absence of payment rejections and a low debt ratio.

2.5% home loan buy-back: for whom?

2.5% home loan buy-back: for whom?

Can we imagine that this 2.5% offer is applicable to credit consolidation? Not so sure but we are getting close. The repurchase of credit in itself consists in lengthening the duration of repayment to reduce the amount of the monthly payments. This therefore implies that the initial loan must be repayable over a period of less than 15 years. Another important point, this operation is generally requested when the debt ratio plays with the limit (between 33% and 50%), so the borrower must have a debt ratio below this area.

In other words, this offer can be considered during a credit consolidation but it will be granted to a household with significant income, a low debt ratio and the absence of payment rejections or bank card. In other words, a household that wishes to simplify the reimbursement of its credits and obtain a single withdrawal.

The repurchase of credit changed with the fall of the rates

The repurchase of credit changed with the fall of the rates

There is one notable observation on the credit consolidation market, that of its evolution. In the past, only households approaching over-indebtedness thought of grouping loans to reduce their monthly payments and start off on better financial bases. It was sort of the last chance solution before the over -indebtedness case.

Today, this operation now affects households wishing to reduce the cost of their loans by taking advantage of lower rates. These are opportunistic households. The latter do not necessarily need a grouping of credits but take advantage of this solution to standardize their repayments and add an amount dedicated to new financing. Thus, they leave over a longer period, with an increase in the total cost of credit, but often at a lower rate.

To obtain a feasibility study for a loan buy-back project, this website offers its free, no-obligation simulator.

Non-bank loans for 12 months – what is the cost?

Non-bank loans are consistently very popular. Recently, an increasing number of customers are choosing installment loans – thanks to which the repayment period is longer and the debt can be repaid in monthly installments. This means that repayment of the loan is no longer such a heavy burden for the household budget.

Non-bank loans for 12 months – the most important information

Non-bank loans for 12 months - the most important information

The main advantage of non-bank loans for 12 months is the fact that their repayment is divided into convenient installments. This minimizes the risk of late repayment.

Long-term loans online can easily replace a bank loan in the traditional sense. In addition, non-bank loans for 12 months give us many more options than popular payday loans. However, a big disadvantage of loans for 12 months is checking borrowers in various debtors’ bases (such as the Credit Information Bureau or the National Debt Register) and in terms of creditworthiness

How to take a loan for 12 months – a guide

How to take a loan for 12 months - a guide

The most important elements of the 12-month loan agreement are the loan period. The longer the repayment period, the higher the total cost of the loan. Thanks to it, however, monthly installments will be much lower, which will certainly allow you to ‘add up’ to your monthly household budget more easily. Getting a loan for 12 months usually involves more formalities – companies verify our creditworthiness and check that our data does not appear in existing debtors’ registers.

The decision to grant us a 12-month loan is primarily influenced by our credit history and current financial condition. A very important issue is whether we have permanent employment or another stable source of income. If you do not have a stable source of income, it can be difficult to get a 12-month loan because the number of offers is cut short. If we meet the above-mentioned criteria, you must submit a loan application online and confirm your identity.

A very simple way to confirm your identity is to make a verification transfer, install a special application. This can also be done during a courier’s visit at home. When we complete all the above-mentioned steps, we just have to wait for the transfer to be received. The biggest advantage of loans for a year is minimizing formalities and quick transfer of money to your account. This means that a very large number of borrowers choose this type of loan.

How much is a loan for 12 months? We checked!

Many people are wondering what the cost of a 12-month loan is. The lowest interest rates are offered by Wonga and Rapid Money – the latter lender also encourages clients to offer loans without BIK. An interesting proposition was also prepared by specialists of the Ratado loan company – 127% APRC .

Modern non-bank loans

Modern non-bank loans

The domestic non-bank loans sector has long ceased to be only a marginal addition to the credit offer presented by banks. Today’s loan industry not only gradually expands its range and enriches the offer presented to clients, but also gradually gains the status of increasingly equal competition for banks. As you know, even in the 90s of the previous century the non-banking industry was associated only with such solutions as popular payday loans. Quick non-bank loans were usually granted with home delivery.

At the moment, however, the state of the loan institutions’ offer is diametrically opposed. Customers can count not only on attractive cost conditions and a flexible credit verification process, but also access to a wide range of diverse products, including various promotions. As a result of the evolution of the loan sector, it divided into two main segments. The first and of course the most popular are cheap payday loans. The second segment is non-bank installment loans , which are clearly approaching the offer of consumer loans in banks.

Cheap non-bank loans in various options

While at the initial stages of the existence of the loan sector in Poland, cheap payday loans appeared in only one variant, at the moment customers can literally choose in various types of options. It is worth calculating such possibilities as:

1. Online non-bank loans that are fully available via the internet. Both the application process, verification of creditworthiness and bidding are carried out electronically. The customer usually does not have to attach any documentation to the application, especially if the lender provides the option of verifying personal data and income through modern applications, such as Instantor or Kontomatik.

2. Non-bank loans with the option of payment by GIRO check. This offer is dedicated to consumers who, for various reasons, are interested in paying the loan amount bypassing the banking cycle.

3. Traditional cheap non-bank loans with home delivery. This segment of the offer is gradually marginalized in favor of loans available online. However, many lenders still offer their clients home-based services.

4. Refinancing and / or extending the loan. This is another extremely interesting and useful option for customers. In the case of an offer of a large part of companies, cheap payday loans can be extended at the request of the borrower. In this way, the repayment of the liability becomes much more comfortable and at the same time the risk associated with the lack of timely payment of debts is reduced.

5. Quick non-bank loans with 0% APRC. “Free cheap payday loans” is without a doubt a real hit within the loan sector offer. In this case, the client pays only the amount equal to the sum of the loan granted, ergo does not bear any costs. The condition for using the promotion will always be the timely repayment of the loan.

We have listed only a few of the most interesting aspects demonstrating the diversity of the offer presented by modern loan institutions. To the above list, you can easily add loyalty programs, affiliate programs and the option of negotiating online loan terms.

Online, non-bank loans in installments, i.e. the best alternative to bank loans

Online, non-bank loans in installments, i.e. the best alternative to bank loans

Cheap payday loans still remain the main service provided by loan institutions. However, cheap non-bank loans in the monthly installments system also arouse growing interest of customers. Also in this case you can count on really attractive basic conditions. APRC which is characterized by the best available non-bank installment loans is very often only 17-18%. The repayment period can be up to 48 months, while the maximum loan amount is calculated in tens of thousands of zlotys. Additionally, a non-bank installment loan will not require, for example, the purchase of insurance increasing the basic cost. As often happens with bank loans.

It is worth mentioning that non-bank installment loans online are often also the presence of various promotions. Therefore, some lenders offer loyalty programs that allow for successive reduction of costs for subsequent loans, occasional promotions implemented by SMS codes, reduced interest rates for new customers and other convenient options for the customer.

Credit Card and revolving credit

Caisse offers a bank card formula associated with revolving credit, a practice which can mislead consumers and which does not seem to comply with legislation.

Best Lend Low-cost card but… with a revolving loan

revolving loan

We had the return of a Caisse customer who was offered by his advisor an Best Lend card offer . The latter has lower costs and an additional 2-year warranty extension for all household appliances.

A very attractive offer because it also makes it possible to pay immediately in cash or deferred. This deferred payment is possible thanks to the revolving loan which is inseparable from the Best Lend card offer .

In other words, according to the Lagarde and Hamon laws , it is mandatory to offer a consumer credit contract offer at the same time as a revolving loan offer, allowing the borrower to better assess the cost of his credit.

Revolving credits with Best Lend card: a scam?

revolving credit loan

The client was not clearly informed from the outset of the revolving credit offer, the advisor first presented the benefits provided by Best Lend card (reduced fees + guarantees + possibility of deferred payment). It was at the conclusion of the Best Lend card contract that the revolving loan offer was presented.

Thus, the obligation to provide information on the commitments and risks associated with this operation is not frankly respected. By closely studying the credit contract offer , we can see that Caisse offers it as a banking intermediary mandated by the lender Natixis Financement. This means that Caisse benefits from a commission (mandate) for the conclusion of these contracts. This operation can lead to believe that the advisor is commissioned on the sale of Best Lend card products with revolving loan…

Solution to these offers inseparable from a revolving loan

loan consolidation

We advise our readers to be very attentive to these offers where the revolving loan is inseparable. This is not an isolated case, many consumer players offer loyalty card offers associated with revolving loans .

The borrower must be aware of this commitment and understand that the rate offered is often around 20%. A deferred reimbursement which can be expensive .

We remind you, a credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before you commit. In case of accumulation of credits , the grouping of credits may be an alternative to consider, a request page is available.

What is a bridging loan: principle & advantages


Have you ever heard of the bridging loan but are not sure what it is and would like to know more about it? Don’t move, you’ve come to the right place to find the answers to your questions about it.

What is a bridging loan? What is this for?

What is a bridging loan? What is this for?

The bridging loan or bridging credit (we sometimes hear about lending credit and it is, even if the term is not used a lot, a very legitimate name when we know the principle) is a loan which is contracted within the framework of an acquisition real estate when you have not yet sold a property from which you wish to dispose.

Advantages of the bridge loan

Advantages of the bridge loan

Although the bridging loan also has some drawbacks (it protects financing organizations and you will be forced to lower your selling price if you cannot find a buyer, or it will even be converted into an amortizable loan with a de facto extended repayment term) also has many advantages.

The bridging loan therefore constitutes a particularly advantageous advance on contribution insofar as it allows many people to start being able to prospect without having sold or received the money from the sale of their other property. The conditions of your bridging loan will depend on your situation, but be aware that the amount loaned will be capped.

If there are several types of bridging loan as we have seen, there are also several types of conditions depending on the organization or bank to which you will turn. Like every type of credit whatever it is, it is in your interest to compare broad spectrum the different offers that you can get.

The bridging loan is a loan that lasts from 1 to 2 years, which allows you to sell your property at the best price and not sell it in a hurry at a low cost. It is only reimbursed from the moment your property is sold and all without penalty, which again is very advantageous.

By doing so, you will realize substantial savings from the fact that you will not be forced to pay for a rental in the interval that will separate the purchase of your property and the sale of the one you own. When you know how much certain rentals can be these days, this is a very significant saving.

Finally, if you sell your property faster than expected because the latter; even if you want to change it (transfer, purchase of a smaller property, family reunification, etc.); has many advantages in the eyes of future buyers, your bridging loan will be reimbursed more quickly and will cost you less than if you go close to its term. Between the most likely best added value on the sale of your property by knowing that you are not in an emergency situation and the absence of rent to pay during the transition and your arrival in your future walls, the Bridging loan can save you a lot and without giving up a possible favorite!

How to get a bridging loan at the best conditions?

How to get a bridging loan at the best conditions?

You are in a situation where a bridging loan can prove to be interesting and you therefore wonder logically how to do to get the best conditions possible at this level? To do this, you can either start comparing offers as we indicated above, or why not use a broker who will compare for you to find the best offer. If you are used to working with a broker, the latter will probably be able to refer you to the organization or organizations that he knows offer good conditions for a bridging loan or credit.

For the rest and for all those who are wondering, a credit of this type is similar to a traditional mortgage: you will need to provide the same documents, proof of income as for a real estate loan, etc.